Use of Multi-Purpose Room


  1. The multi-purpose room may be reserved for booking during the following hours:

    First Session

    9.00 a.m. to 3.30 p.m.

    Second Session

    4.30 p.m. to 10.00 p.m.

    The Multi-Purpose Room will be closed at 11.00pm. ALL LIGHTS be SWITCHED OFF by 11.00pm.


  1. The Multi-Purpose Room will only be used for functions/birthday parties approved by the Management. It will not be used for functions in connection with religious, political, illegal or immoral activities.
  1. The Multi-Purpose Room can be booked two (02) weeks in advance on a first-come- first-served basis. Each unit is allowed to book up to a maximum of 12 sessions per year. Cancellation of booking shall be made at least one (01) weeks before the actual scheduled date, failing which, the Management reserves the right to forfeit the deposit.
  1. Booking must be made in person at the Management Office during office hours with the payment of deposit.
  1. To make a booking, an application form (available from the Guardhouse and Management Office) must be completed and apply to the Management at the management office during office hours. The Multi-Purpose Room is to be returned in good condition without damage to any part of it and/or rubbish disposed of.
  1. There should not be excessive noise or nuisance caused to other occupiers.
  1. The host(s) shall be responsible for the good conduct and behaviour of all persons attending the function.
  1. Residents and their guests must not create any noise that disturbs other residents. Throwing people into pools is strictly prohibited.
  1. Food/beverage shall not be consumed at the pool deck area but shall be confined to the Multi-Purpose Room only.
  1. No cooking is allowed and washing shall only be done at the washing point provided. General cleanliness of the room must be maintained. The room must be cleaned and all articles and refuse are to be removed immediately after the use of the room.
  1. The host(s) shall obtain proper licences/permits from the relevant authorities for holdings the function where it is necessary.
  1. The number of guests to be limited to not more than 30 persons and the number of guests’ vehicles entering the Condominium to be limited to 10 cars as there is only a limited number of visitors’ car parking lots.
  1. The Management reserves the right to deduct an equivalent sum of monies from the refundable deposit for damages caused to the fittings/fixtures of the room or the surrounding areas, as well as, if the room was found to be untidy.
  1. The host(s) shall keep the Management indemnified against all actions, claims, demands they may be brought or made against the Management by any person arising out of the use of the room.
  1. These rules and regulations are subject to revision at the discretion of the Management as and when it is deemed necessary.