Car Parking


1. Parking Arrangement For Car Owners

  1. 1.1  Each unit is entitled to one car label.

  2. 1.2  A fee of $10.00 for the car label is chargeable for the issuance of additional parking label. A maximum of 2 cars are allow per unit subject to Management’s approval.

  3. 1.3  The car label will automatically be deemed null and void when the holder is no longer residing in the condominium. Car label is to be returned to the Management.

  4. 1.4  Car label must be prominently displayed on the wind screen of the car for easy identification by security personnel.

  5. 1.5  For change of vehicle number, a $10.00 surcharge will be imposed for replacement of car label.

  6. 1.6  Each Subsidiary Proprietor or occupier shall be responsible to submit their current car ownership status to the Management Office. Forms are available from the Management Office. This notification is essential to prevent erroneous wheel clamping or notices being put up on occupiers’ new cars.

2. Parking Arrangement for Visitors and Second Cars Owners

2.1 Visitors and occupiers with 2nd cars will be turned away once the resident’s and visitors lots are full. 2nd car owners and guests are to look into their own parking arrangement elsewhere.

3. Application of Occupiers’ Car label is subject to the following conditions:-

  1. 3.1  Car owners to produce relevant identification to prove that they are the residents at the Condominium.

  2. 3.2  To produce photocopy of the Land Transport Authority (LTA) registration and I/C to prove the ownership.

  3. 3.3  If the vehicle is company-owned and used by the Subsidiary Proprietor /Tenant, a letter from the company must be produced indicating the driver’s particulars who must be a Subsidiary Proprietor/Tenant.

  4. 3.4  To apply for the proximity disc and car park disc, the subsidiary proprietor shall submit the requisite application form (see Appendix 3) to the Management. In the case of a nominee, a copy of any document which proves that the nominee is an Resident at the Condominium must be submitted together with the application form.

4. Lorry/Bus/Heavy Vehicles

4.1 Lorries, buses and heavy vehicles are not allowed to park in the Condominium.

5. Speed Limit

5.1 Maximum speed and load limit in the driveway/ car park are 15km/h and 20 tonnes respectively.

6. Others

  1. 6.1  The Subsidiary Proprietor/Occupier shall wash their cars at the lots designated for washing and shall ensure that the lots and its surrounding areas are kept clean, grease-free and mud-free after the car is washed.

  2. 6.2  All vehicles shall be driven and parked in accordance with the Singapore Highway Code. All car park directional and road signs must be strictly complied with.

  3. 6.3  All rules and regulations are subject to revision by the Management as and when it is deemed necessary,

7. Parking at Own Risk

7.1 The Management shall not be responsible for any damage or loss to the vehicles or the fittings or contents of any vehicles parked in the car park.